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Simple troubleshooting and maintenance of dry mortar packing machine


Simple troubleshooting and maintenance of dry mortar packing machine

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Dry mortar packing machine is an important part of dry mortar production line, so if there is a problem in the production process, it will cause a lot of trouble. Fairy, let's introduce Simple troubleshooting and maintenance of dry mortar packing machine

1. Whether the watch head has power: If there is no power, the watch head is not displayed to check whether all the wiring is loose. Press the ON button of the circuit breaker of the electric control cabinet (the circuit breaker will automatically trip if the motor is overloaded and the current is too large). Check whether the cable connected to the emergency stop button is loose
2. Whether the motor is turning: the impeller is to the direction of the discharge port.
3. Check the air pressure: the minimum to ensure more than 4 air pressure, lower than 4 pressure should be adjusted to more than 4 pressure, first, the air pump pressure is enough (more than 8) there is no frequent waterproof (4 hours to put water once) whether the gas pipe branch is too much, the gas supply is not on. Second, the oil-water separator has a knob to adjust the size of the air pressure, pull it up clockwise to adjust the atmospheric pressure, counterclockwise to reduce the air pressure.
4. Outlet: the outlet material is too much, is crushed to death, the material can not come out
5. Through the power head two blowing mouths: one in front of the small silicone tube, one in the direction of the motor behind the power head. Unscrew the blow hole all the way through. The air hole is blocked and the material cannot blow out.
6. Whether there is material at the upper feed port: the material cannot be lowered from the finished product bin to the packaging machine
7. Open the power head to see if there is too much material to crush the power head
8. See if the gas port is blocked, and the gas will not enter without incoming material (suitable for light materials such as glass beads)



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