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Installation and use of stone texture paint mixer, liquid mortar mixing machine



Installation and use of stone texture paint mixer, liquid mortar mixing machine

stone texture paint mixer

Stone texture paint mixer adopts horizontal, cylindrical or U-shaped appearance design, and adopts double or multi-layer compound screw belt design inside. That is, two or more screw belts with the same conveying capacity, different screw diameters and different screw directions are installed on the horizontal spindle. Usually when the spindle rotates, one screw belt transfers the material from left to right, and the other screw belt transfers the material from right to left. Therefore, the convection interpenetration mixing occurs in the machine to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

Matters to be noted in debugging and use of this liquid mortar mixing machine:

1,Please read the instructions carefully before installation and install and use according to regulations.
2, fixed unit: unit installation should ensure that the unit base is placed horizontally (such as uneven pad flat), otherwise it is easy to cause the unit to shake.
3. Check whether the screws in each connection part are loose.
4, power supply, switch, wire should be reliable insulation, easy control, do not use fuses or fuses that do not meet the rated current of the motor supporting the unit. 7.5 The motor above must be equipped with   overload protection device.
5, empty machine (without load) check the motor rotation direction, the motor should be rotated in the direction specified by the sign arrow, otherwise it may damage the machine, if the steering is not correct, you can replace the motor any two arrow positions.


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