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How to cleaning of dry mortar production line


dry mortar production line

Everyone knows the importance of cleaning the surface and body of the dry mortar production line. Compared with other production equipment, the production environment of the dry mortar production line is harsh. Mortar is a kind of bonding material, which is accidentally dropped into the body of the dry mortar production line during the production process, and is easy to condenses into blocks, which will affect the beauty of the dry mortar production line, and will become foreign bodies and obstacles, affecting the operation of dry mortar. Therefore, in this case, we should clean up in time to  dry mortar .

If condensation into blocks. If there is congealed mortar on the body of the dry mortar production line, it can be removed with the relevant tools such as the ash scraper.

Dry mortar production line contains a lot of single equipment, check the various components is also very important, the parts of each bearing to use a wide range, the production time is long and easy to wear, so the need for regular maintenance is very important, the dry mortar production line bearing part of the filling lubricant, maintenance is simple and easy to operate.

In addition, before the dry mortar equipment is turned on each time, the mixer is idled with water for one to two minutes to observe the performance of each component and ensure normal operation; Staff in the production process to check the mixer transmission gear, motor, reducer sound is abnormal; After the end of the production work, clean the inner wall of the mixer body to prepare for the next use.



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