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Reasons for the slow feeding speed of dry mortar mixer


dry mortar mixer

Horizontal dry mortar mixer, by mixing machine and screw feeding machine two parts, under normal circumstances can mix 2-3 batches per hour, the equipment is suitable for small dry mortar production factory or just started dry mortar manufacturers, work efficiency is very high.

One of the main reasons affecting the feeding machine is to increase the feed speed on the machine. Once the feed is slow, how should we solve it?

Zhengzhou Yishang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. according to many years of equipment production experience analysis of screw feeding machine material slow reasons for the following situations:
1. Loose belt. The motor belt is a wearing part, after a long time of use, the belt wear loosens the slip phenomenon, thus affecting the feeding speed.
2. Feed machine bearing into dry powder. The bearing under the feeder is easy to enter powder, resulting in increased bearing friction and poor lifting efficiency.
3. The blade of the feeder enters foreign bodies. Workers in the feeding process of improper feeding is easy to weave bags and other foreign matter into the feeder, thus affecting the work of the feeder
4. Feed machine blade wear. Lifting raw materials for a long time will wear the blade of the feeder, so the feeding speed is slow.
5. The new equipment is not fed, please check whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the direction marked by the feeding elevator rotation direction. If the directions are inconsistent, adjust the cables to the electrical cabinet

Advice: If the dry powder mortar mixer encounters slow feeding and abnormal feeding during use, please check according to the above methods. Usually dry mortar equipment in use to check regularly, regularly fill lubricating oil.

All in all, the correct installation, usually develop a good habit of regular inspection and maintenance, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment.

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