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Bosnia and Herzegovina customer bag palletizer installation completed


bag palletizer

Customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina sent photos and videos of the completion of the installation of the dry mortar mixing equipment and bag palletizer. This set of equipment is customized according to the customer's plant and requirements. The customer installed under the guidance of our engineers, has been smoothly produced, the customer is very satisfied with our equipment.

Simple and efficient space saving low cost column shelf type bag palletizer packing system ,According to the site situation of your company and the space size of the working area, the installation position of the  bag palletizer machine is designed. The equipment parameters can be changed according to the user's requirements. The pallet-stacking layer can be modified according to the customer's requirements.

Intelligent stacker features , low failure rate;Host highly integrated integration;Servo motor drive, gear drive;Simple and durable structure;Automatic oiling maintenance;Low noise;Precise control and various stack types.
1. High efficiency of automatic palletizer
2. Exquisite palletizing
3. Intelligent alarm
4. Stacking a variety of styles according to customer requirements.
5. Low requirements on working environment
6. Save stacking time,Simple operation



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